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Snowball Fight Revenge
Merry Fishmas!
Social Media Lesson Learned
Penguin Pyramid Disaster
Falling for Penguins!
Penguin found a Unicorn of the Sea!


Falling for Penguins™ is a collection of young penguins, with unique personalities, exploring everything around them and having fun at each other's expense.


They may look the same on the outside; but they are very different on the inside.

BUDDY is very friendly

JOLLY is always happy and optimistic

CHIRPY likes to gossip and tell tall tales

SNOOZY can sleep through anything

SQUEAKS is really quiet

MISCHIEF is the trouble-maker

GRUMP GRUMP is cranky all the time

...and there will be additional penguins and non-penguin friends!

Greeting cards and gift items will be available on my shop shortly.

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