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As a child, I always loved creating art.

remembered how happy I felt when I sold my hand-drawn bookmarks, for a quarter each, to my elementary school friends!


Who knew you could make a living doing something that you love?

Working in-house for many companies, I've gained experiences in product development and the manufacturing process in order to become a better designer. I've moved beyond drawing bookmarks to designing greeting cards, complete giftware lines, tableware collections, toy brands, baby items and tween accessories.


Developing my own signature look, I found that I really enjoyed creating whimsical, mysterious and illuminating characters and the world around them! After years of development, I'm looking forward to licensing my brands

Please follow me on this exciting journey and check out my mother and child illustrations for author Amy Collin's new book, 'Infant Inspirations'.  


Thank you so much for visiting!



Carnegie Mellon University

BFA in Graphic Design

Minor in Industrial Management

William Paterson University

MA in Computer Art


Graphic / Product Design

Logo Design / Brand Identity

Character Design / Illustration

Style Guides / Packaging

Computer Graphics

Photography / Writing


Toys "R" Us, Inc.

The Zrike Company, Inc.

Russ Berrie & Co., Inc.

Encore Studios, Inc.


Hasbro / Demdaco

New Adventures

Treasures, LLC.

Sassy / Teleflora

The Wish Factory, Inc.

Hugfun Int'l Inc.

Kids First Toys Co.

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